White Wines

The UK offers probably the widest range of white wines available anywhere. When you produce so little you have no bias towards one region, or country, or grape variety. The white wines gathered together at The Dering Arms are unusual and of excellent quality.

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White wines

White wine

The very well-stocked cellar at the Dering Arms allows us to offer an extensive range of wines from around the world, personally chosen, including some delightful treasures from small family vineyards.

There is a wide range of wines for all tastes including five white and red house wines sold by the glass. If you have something to celebrate, we have a wide selection of champagnes. Also serving by the glass,our house champagne, Duval Leroy.

For after-dinner drinking we have a wide selection of malt whiskey, cognac and armagnac to suit all tastes. We also like to support local businesses and are delighted to offer ales and ciders from nearby breweries and farms.


White Wines